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2019 Valued Hackers

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As we count down towards the end of the year and look around at our goals and accomplishments; hopes, dreams, and memories; things that we loved and things we loathed about the year, The Paranoids’ Bug Bounty team wanted to take a moment during these final weeks of 2019 to reflect on the year and give a callout to some of the hackers who have made an impact with us this year.  *We have only listed each person once, the first time they earned a spot on this list.* 


|2019 (general)|


| @albinowax|

| @dawgyg|

| @malcolmx|

| @smsecurity|

| @benteveo|

| @johnh4x0r|


|H1-415 (March 3)|San Francisco, CA|


| @erbbysam| @corb3nik|

| @ziot| @zlz, @smiegles|

| @0xacb, @fisher| @cache-money|


|vm-562 (July 5)|Santiago, Chile|


| @samux, @ralamosm| @debsec|


|Scope Release Event 1 (July 20)|Virtual Event|


| @pablov| @dia2diab|


|H1-702 (August 8-10)|Las Vegas, NV|


| @mayonaise| @randomdeduction, @c0rv4x|

| @fransrosen, @avlidienbrunn| @intidc|

| @tomnomnom| @cdl, @nnwakelam|

| @d0nut, @yassineaboukir, @ramsexy, @jllis||


|Scope Release Event 2 (August 20)|Virtual Event|


| @ngocdh| @yumi|

| @kphaks| @dudez|


|H1-213 (November 8)|Los Angeles, CA|


| @spaceraccoon| @none_of_the_above|

| @dki| @inhibitor181, @ngalog, @anshuman_bh, @ris|

| @ta8ahi, @bull, @bugdisclosureguy, @jr0ch17| @kcho|


We hope you enjoy and wear your “Paranoids Valued Hacker” shirt with honor and pride!


These people have earned their spot on our list this year through extreme performance, dedication to our program and/or mission, high caliber of work, and just generally being awesome partners to the Verizon Media Bug Bounty program. 




Also, we will be putting a pause on submissions for `Dec24 - Dec25` and also `Dec31 - Jan1` to make sure that The Paranoids are able to relax and spend time with friends & family over these holidays. 


We can’t wait to see what you all bring to the table in 2020.


Happy Hacking,

Happy Holidays,

The Paranoids

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