3 tips to help increase conversions and improve the user experience

3 Tips to Help Increase Conversions and Improve Experience

When your site loads lightning-fast, your users — and the search engines — will love you. That means new shoppers will find you and your existing customers will keep coming back.

Here are a couple of common strategies you can employ to make sure your e-commerce site is optimized for converting traffic, regardless of the end user’s device or location.

  • Device detection
    Device detection lets you serve device-formatted content automatically, saving bandwidth and dramatically improving the end user experience. Whether the end user is on a tablet or desktop computer, cater the experience to the device. Learn more »
  • Front-end optimization
    There are dozens of web optimizations that collectively speed up your website by making it leaner. One of the most commonly-used front-end optimization (FEO) solutions is Google’s very own PageSpeed — a handy bundle of efficient and easy-to-deploy optimizations. Learn more »
  • Customize the user experience
    Customize the user experience with complex, dynamic application logic to deliver personalized elements like product recommendations based off of a user’s browsing history.

With these implementations in place, you can expect to increase conversions as every type of end user is accommodated with fast-loading content formatted for their advice, replete with deep personalization.

How can I implement these changes under one roof?

Verizon’s Commerce Acceleration Solution is built on a network that’s dedicated to e-commerce. Not a rehash or rebranding of an existing network, but a secure, purpose-built, PCI-compliant, blazing-fast network with tools like device detection, Edge Optimizer powered by Google PageSpeed, and application delivery built-in to help you increase conversions and improve the user experience.

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