Make more: 4 ways to better connect with holiday shoppers

Woman on phone during holidays

Welcome to our new series aimed at giving publishers like you insights to help you make more money from your sites and apps. From more dynamic bidding options to personalized ad content, we’re introducing you to the tools and strategies you can implement to help drive major revenue gains. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While shoppers get in the holiday spirit, publishers can engage consumers with high-quality content and innovative, relevant ads that lead to better monetization and more positive user experiences. Here are four ways you can create more meaningful engagements with consumers.

Make temporary tweaks to fill demand

During the jam-packed holiday campaign season, you can expect to see increased organic traffic to your sites in addition to greater advertising spend as brands pull out all the stops to reach shoppers. As competition for real estate at auction heats up, so too does the importance of filling all your demand.

Yes, your eCPMs will increase, but you may also want to consider lowering your price floors as well as allowing all types of campaigns (CPM, CPC, etc.), even if just for the holiday rush. Publishers have the option of lifting seasonal advertiser category blocks like political (November elections coming up) and alcohol.

Keep your tinkering to a minimum

Feel free to experiment with different ad formats and page setups early in Q4, but make sure you’re optimized and finalized as early as possible. That way you head into the money-making months of November and December locked and loaded. Once January rolls around, you can make a new year’s resolution to test new monetization strategies - but now’s not the time for trial and error when it comes to the user experience.

Our Analytics Insights tool is exclusively integrated with Verizon Media’s Video SSP and gives you deep analysis into data that can translate into big revenue gains. Learn about potential buyers you may have missed or which audience segments are currently the most lucrative. Although we’d avoid any major format changes, this Insights tool can help you make small Q4 adjustments to maximize yield.  

Pass the right data in your bid requests

In order to receive bids, it’s critical that you’re passing key demand info so advertisers know whether you have inventory they want to bid on. This can include width and height of video player (for video), IP address, secure flag, and user agent. Bundle ID and true device ID (for app pubs) are also integral. Parameters can change over time, so check with your Verizon Media account manager to make sure your bid requests are up to date. 

Go all in on video

Streaming video content consumption is on the rise as people unplug from traditional broadcast TV. That’s great news for publishers with video content, as shoppers will be streaming as they search for gift ideas. The early weeks of Q4 are the perfect time to test ways to increase video inventory on your site so your supply is again ready for the holiday season.

If you’re looking to add more innovative video solutions, Verizon Media can help.

  • In order to achieve higher fill rates and eCPMs, more and more publishers are enabling unified auctions through solutions like Enhanced Bidding in Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) and the open-source Prebid.js header bidding wrapper. Verizon Media’s Video SSP features a Prebid adapter that allows publishers to call all demand partners simultaneously for their video inventory. That means increased competition in an already busy retail season, which should increase monetization.

  • Verizon Media’s Video Syndication gives you the opportunity to extend your audience across our O&O sites like Yahoo and TechCrunch as well as trusted distribution partners. Connect with shoppers even when they aren’t visiting your site for incremental video views, ad impressions, and revenue. We can also help beef up your video content with a library of 10+ million videos from over 600 premium content partners. Our automated technology creates revenue-optimized playlists that are relevant to the individual shopper for deeper engagement.

Make your holidays merry through improved monetization. Reach out to your publisher representative at publisherleads@verizonmedia.com, or contact us, to learn more.