Join us for a webinar! 5 website security issues you can fix now.

Join us for a webinar! 5 website security issues you can fix now.

The risk of a breach lives inside your web application infrastructure. Some risks are new, some are perennial. But there are practical steps you can take to mitigate both of these risk categories and protect your business.

Join us for 5 website security issues you can fix now on Thursday, November 8, at 9 a.m. PST to learn how to secure your web application from zero-day vulnerabilities like Apache Struts and attacks that exploit new weaknesses in third-party services, APIs, and protocols.

Verizon Digital Media Services' Senior Security Solutions Architect Chris Herrera and Product Marketing Manager Jonathan Stock will discuss how to:

  • Protect your web apps from zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Manage application layer attack risks in your APIs
  • Secure your web server from backdoor DDoS attacks
  • Mitigate risks in domain name service (DNS)
  • Tune your SIEM to deliver better threat insights

Sign up for this webinar now to learn what to look for in your security infrastructure and gain tips you can put into action now to protect your business.

Chris Herrera
Senior Security Solutions Architect

Jonathan Stock
Product Marketing Manager

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