7 ways to reduce the cost of software download and media delivery

7 ways to reduce the cost of software download and media delivery

Software download 2Software download is an important part of your product supply chain. Even if you have negotiated a lower cost from your content delivery network (CDN) provider, poorly configured cache that drives up costs in other areas of your infrastructure and service plans may cause you to leave money on the table. Here are some of the latest strategies we've seen clients use to improve their margins, and to reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of their software download and delivery services.

Optimize your infrastructure for software downloads

Have you configured your cache to optimize the size and stability of your origin infrastructure? If you're using third-party cloud storage service providers, have you also considered the cost impact of transmitting files from these providers? These rates are often much higher per gigabit than what you're paying to deliver files through a CDN. The following actions help you manage both the cost of your origin infrastructure and the money you spend to get your files from third-party storage.

  1. Warm the cache:

    In the Edgecast CDN, you can proactively push files into our edge servers. This will reduce the impact on your origin as download traffic peaks, and it will save you infrastructure costs.

  1. Origin storage:

    The Edgecast CDN offers cloud storage that can eliminate your need for an origin server or third-party cloud storage. Many of our software download clients have discovered they can reduce origin resources, or eliminate their need for origin servers, as they move traffic to the Edgecast CDN. This also eliminates egress transmission fees that would normally apply if you hosted your files in a third-party cloud provider, which are often much more expensive than what you would pay to transmit from the CDN to your end customer.

  1. Origin shield:

    If you release a file to many users at once, this Edgecast CDN service reduces the load to your origin by filing requests to a single cache in front of your origin that shields it from the heavy load from multiple CDN edge servers. This can help you control or reduce the need for more origin infrastructure, especially when you're expanding. Similar to the benefits of origin storage, reducing the amount of requests to your origin also reduces your egress transmission fees when your files are stored in a third-party cloud storage provider.

  1. Configurable features:

    The Edgecast CDN has hundreds of easy-to-configure features that help you manage how, when and where your files are downloaded. Having direct control through our intuitive and easy-to-use portal makes you more nimble so you can respond in real time and optimize your origin costs as you handle the file download needs of the business. Learn about those features here.

Streamline your services for software download and media delivery

While you may have negotiated a lower rate with your legacy provider on the cost of delivery, they could be making up for it with extra services, such as security, consulting and storage, that add complexity to your bill and make it hard to understand what you're paying for. The cost of delivery should be lowered by eliminating consumption gaps, service tiers and professional services of your legacy providers. Our modern network architecture, combined with 53 Tbps of global capacity, delivers more efficiently at a lower cost, without sacrificing performance and scale. Scrutinize the following cost centers and you may find additional opportunities to save.

  1. Professional services:

    Are you paying to wait? Look for CDNs with tools that enable self-service. It will not only save you money from paying extra fees for labor, but it also empowers your people to get things done faster, rather than relying on people.

  1. À la carte features:

    Are all the "value-added services" your vendor sold you actually adding value? Evaluate the cost of add-ons like security, storage, service tiers and extra feature charges based on your actual usage of these features and plans. Consider changing these based on your actual consumption.

  1. Premium rates:

    Are you delivering media into global markets? You may be paying a premium for performance that you don't need for software download. Evaluate your rates for global markets versus performance in certain regions. Tiers for emerging markets are often priced higher and can become a bigger drain on your budget, especially as you grow globally.

Your best choice for a large software download

The Edgecast CDN is designed for a large file download. We innovated our centralized Super PoP architecture by placing massive storage capacity in key internet distribution points. Compared to distributed CDNs with smaller PoPs, the massive storage capacity in our Super PoPs store your files longer in cache, which means better performance and lower cost for your software download operations.

At Verizon Digital Media Services, our transparent service model, partnership attitude and modern architecture lower your cost of media delivery. We've helped some of the largest gaming, chip and security software companies restructure their CDN to a much more favorable cost structure while improving the performance of their software downloads. Contact us to learn how we can do the same for you.

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