A canvas of creativity for your brand

Our native ads provide the ideal canvas for your brand, and flow seamlessly with the user journey. From prime real estate on mobile to immersive full-screen video and engaging formats that can go beyond the 2D world, our formats are built to make a good impression. With a powerful brand canvas in your toolkit, you can tell better, more complete stories across the path to purchase. Here’s how:



1. Eye-catching mobile

When it comes to mobile you want to stand out from the clutter and that’s why we’ve built a flexible ad canvas for vertical mobile executions. Your customers can learn about multiple products, dive into features of your product or engage and interact with your content. These formats see a 37% lift in ad recall and 80% lift in unaided brand awareness when compared to standard banner ads.


2. Immersive video

Video assets take time and money to create, and it's important that they are seen with the full visual impact they’re intended for. Our immersive video formats provide large format video on both desktop and mobile, leading to 3X higher ad exposures, 157% higher brand awareness and a 55% brand consideration when compared to standard pre-roll video.



3. Interactive elements

Gone are the days of standard banner ads, advertisers want customers to engage and interact with their brand. Showcase multiple products and allow customers to tap into features, incorporate tap to map options or countdown to a sale, our native ads are a canvas for creativity. What’s more, our interactive ad canvases drive 70% longer engagements than with static banner ads.


4. 5G and beyond

Today’s digital ad canvas is 2D, but Verizon Media is first to market with 5G technology, which will allow us to go beyond the constraints of traditional digital advertising, bringing your product out of the mobile device and into the real world. We’ve seen early signs that these experiences improve engagement – our AR units see an average engagement time of 2.4 minutes and 3 in 5 consumers surveyed said the ad led them to like the brand more. Check out more inspiring examples of native campaign executions that make a big impact on a small screen here.



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