Uplynk Video Streaming Service's Adaptive HTML5 Player Framework is Now Available

Uplynk Video Streaming Service's Adaptive HTML5 Player Framework is Now Available - Verizon Digital Media Services


We are pleased to announce the new Uplynk Video Streaming service Adaptive HTML5 player is now generally available! With the inevitability of a plugin-free world on the horizon, and major improvements in HTML5 support over the past year, the Uplynk Video Streaming service team has been working tirelessly to build a new HTML5 player framework, eliminating the need for plugins.

As noted by Mozilla, "plugins, especially Flash, that have enabled some of our favorite experiences on the web, including videos and interactive content… often introduce stability, performance, and security issues for browsers." Along with Mozilla's Firefox, Google Chrome made HTML5 the default web experience too. These browsers are used by 89 percent of consumers.

Say goodbye to Flash
The release of our HTML5 player officially marks the deprecation of the Uplynk Video Streaming service Flash player and uplynk.js. Both will still be available as a fallback in the immediate future, but all customers are encouraged to migrate as soon as possible. The Flash players in the CMS and Flash test links will also be eventually removed.

HTML5 player key features
Our new player is now plugin-free, built on a new adaptive streaming engine and HTML5 MSE APIs, with no plugins required. We have also managed to reduce the footprint of our HTML5 player, which means faster load times for the user. Full support for alternate audio and captions/subtitles are also included.

New simplified UI customization
With our new HTML5 player, you also have a library of styling options at your fingertips using the HTML5 <video> element and CSS. The HTML5 player ships with its own UI with thumbnail preview and settings selection included out of the box. But, the included UI is now optional, so if you want to customize the player you can use your own custom skin, such as plyr.io.

For more information and integration instructions, visit our Uplynk Video Streaming service support center or get in touch with us today.

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