A clear difference: AdTech solutions built on trust

Vijay Rao, Head of Platform Sales & Strategy, Verizon Media

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Fueled by ongoing news reports and regulation changes, conversations about transparency and data privacy have escalated from a whisper to a roar.

Brands want assurances over where their ads appear, advertisers want greater supply chain transparency and clarity on where budgets are spent, and consumers want more control over how their data is used.

At the heart of the transparency debate is a call for AdTech solutions built upon trust. As a buyer, when you have more visibility into the supply chain — the players involved, the nature of their relationships with users, clarity into pricing, auction dynamics and so forth — your decisions on which partners to work with and what ad inventory to buy become more effective.

In order to help advertisers achieve the best outcomes, transparency within the programmatic ecosystem must be a priority. It should permeate every aspect of a Demand Side Platform, from planning to optimization and measurement. 

Transparency in planning 

Brands and agencies need to have tools that help them identify the best audiences, channels, and exchanges to reach their audiences at scale. 

First, it’s crucial to gain an omnichannel understanding of your audience while respecting each user’s privacy. We’re in a new era of advertising where customers demand better control and protection of their data. The ability to leverage meaningful audience insights and run data-driven campaigns requires working with AdTech partners that have direct consumer relationships on a large scale. As a publisher, Verizon Media understands the importance and value of having this direct consumer relationship. As an AdTech partner, we have the ability to offer a unified identity that is not only based on customer choice, but also functions without the use of 3rd-party cookies. 

The Verizon Media DSP offers comprehensive audience insight tools and a best-in-class device graph to help advertisers identify the key audience behaviors and traits that drive performance. All of our users are provided with granular controls over how their data is collected and used, and Verizon Media’s privacy policies are clear and easily accessible - marketers can feel confident that they’re reaching their audience in a way that builds trust. 

Beyond these insights, marketers need visibility into the trends and scale of the programmatic ecosystem to understand the best way to reach their audience - increasingly fragmented across multiple screens and devices. Last June, we introduced an innovative new insights tool designed to help marketers using the Verizon Media DSP find the best path to their audience and efficiently allocate media spend across all channels. Buyers can now easily analyze how each channel, format, and exchange is performing while providing forecasts to shape campaign strategy, creative, and targeting.

Transparency in optimization and measurement 

Another vital aspect to overall transparency in AdTech depends on supporting integrations with the broader ecosystem and 3rd-party measurement providers. 

Walled gardens often force advertisers’ hands to use proprietary tech and limit their ability to use what is best for their business and campaign analysis. Unlike typical walled gardens, we are integrated with all major measurement providers, allowing for independent measurement of brand safety, fraud, and campaign performance. This gives buyers the ability to choose and work with trusted measurement partners – an important part of fostering trust across publishers, agencies, and brands.

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