Advanced publisher features

Our Video SSP Analytics dashboard surfaces reporting data that’s essential to your bottom line, and helps generate insights to help you troubleshoot problems, and surface new opportunities.




Deal insights help you understand which deals drive the most revenue, how they’re trending, and analyze buyer behavior, allowing you to review funnel data that shows dropoff from opportunities to bid requests and responses to impressions; view a breakdown of bids; and reasons for bid rejections.

The analytics dashboard offers flexibility and an incredible level of reporting depth so you can understand who your top buying orgs, buyer seats, advertisers, and more, and then dig deeper into each of those entities to better understand performance insights.

We offer the most comprehensive solutions for combating fraud from pre-bid to post-serve and beyond. We do so by applying human review safeguards, combining market-leading proprietary and 3rd party technologies. We help publishers better sell their inventory by ensuring buyer’s have complete confidence by offering them a fraud guarantee.


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