Advancing native advertising with a new integration

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Kenshoo and Verizon Media leaders recently took the stage at Kenshoo's annual marketing conference, K8, to announce a new integration with Verizon Media Native & Search that will enable marketers to manage their native advertising campaigns in addition to their search campaigns.

At K8, Courtney McKlveen, Verizon Media's Head of U.S. Field Sales shared, "With 60 billion native impressions a month and mobile-first ad units, Verizon Media Native & Search helps brands connect with consumers, creating higher brand affinity and better responses to ads. We're excited to announce that Kenshoo is extending their integration with Verizon Media to support native advertising and look forward to seeing similar benefits with these formats."

79% of SEM jobs have evolved to include non-search digital formats (Verizon Media, August 2017). This supports a recent trend marketers are embracing to improve consumer engagement: leveraging new ad formats beyond the search results page. Verizon Media Native & Search campaigns enable marketers to do this by combining the performance and relevance of search with the scale and creativity of native. Advertisers such as goSeek have used this solution to achieve a 10x lift in native conversion rates.

Karthik Viswanathan, Macy's Vice President, Search Media, also shared the stage at K8, and later commented, "Through the Kenshoo integration, Verizon Media Native & Search helps us to seamlessly drive incremental business through the powerful combination of search and native, and in a very customer-centric way. We tap into every customer experience out there because there is a high degree of personalization that comes with native that we are extremely excited about."

Recently, Macy's increased their native campaign spend after seeing positive performance of seasonal and always-on campaigns during which they ran both search and search on native ads through their Kenshoo integration with Yahoo Gemini.

Summarizing the benefits of the Kenshoo and Verizon Media partnership, Shahar Erez, Kenshoo's SVP, Chief Product Officer shared on stage, "Advertisers want the type of engagement you can get from a native publisher. You want to market natively, you want to use their signals, and you want data accuracy. When we examined the emerging opportunities, Verizon Media really stood out — rooted in the innovation of Yahoo, with the real estate available from AOL, all under the roof of data provided by Verizon. Verizon Media is built with a unique set of assets and a rich inventory of ad formats that we think are going to work extremely well for advertisers looking to extend reach and increase the quality of the consumer experience."


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