Podcast: Advantages of Web Application Firewalls and open-source WAF

Podcast: Advantages of Web Application Firewalls and open-source WAF - Verizon Digital Media Services

DIG-INSIGHT_Application_Security_PodcastAt the 2017 AppSec USA conference in Orlando, Florida, Verizon Digital Media Services' Director of Security Solutions Tin Zaw joined Application Security PodCast hosts Chris Romeo and Robert Hurlbut to discuss the advantages of Web Application Firewalls and using open-source WAF, such as ModSecurity.

Here are the highlights of the podcast:

  • A glimpse into Tin's experience in creating security software to collaborating on making software secure to protecting web properties from exterior threats
  • Recalibrating expectations of WAF and ModSecurity
  • The advantages of open-source WAF like ModSecurity (e.g., predictable behavior)
  • The various deployment options for ModSecurity
  • The benefits of using WAF (e.g., detection and mitigation of known attacks), enforcing custom policies, addressing known vulnerabilities, affording protection while a patch is in progress and more.

With ModSecurity and Core Rule Set deployed at tens of thousands of servers around the globe in over a hundred locations, Verizon’s Edgecast CDN is one of the largest ModSecurity deployments in the world. We are grateful for the contributions that the open-source community has made and a proud supporter of the OWASP organization.

Listen to the podcast:


Listen to the MP3: https://media.blubrry.com/appsec/p/content.blubrry.com/appsec/appsec-podcast-s02e19-final.mp3

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