Amp up your revenue: Download the white paper to learn how

Connecting with your viewers used to be simple – you just put your content on broadcast TV. With the development of over-the-top (OTT) technology, you now have another vehicle for building audiences. And with more and more people cutting the cord and moving to OTT services, the new question isn't where to put your video content, but which is the best vehicle for sharing it online. The answer has significant viewership and revenue implications.

Today, there are many distribution options when delivering premium ad-supported video online. Major social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook are obvious choices. They provide huge reach and do not charge a video provider to stream content. They also provide a built-in ad network. Instagram, Snapchat, and even Twitter are also very popular video sites. All are focused on ad-supported revenue models and provide a substantial user base from the day you start posting content.

Social media platforms aren't the only way to build your brand. There's also the option to build and operate OTT services of your own. With your branding and video assets front and center, an owned-and-operated (O&O) service offers a great experience for your viewers. But how does the revenue potential of O&O measure up against the big social platforms? And what about the costs?

In the Amp up your revenue white paper, we look at how building an O&O site stacks up against delivering all your video through a site like YouTube. What are the advantages? Which solution enables you to capture more revenue? Which gives you more control of the experience? What you learn will help you decide which is the best solution for meeting your brand and revenue objectives. Download the white paper now.

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