Announcing Edgecast CDN Single Sign-On Service

Verizon Digital Media Services announces the formal launch of our new Single Sign-On service
Verizon Digital Media Services knows the challenges associated with keeping track of multiple user accounts and passwords, so we’re bringing our version of holiday cheer by simplifying the user login experience. In the next few weeks, Edgecast CDN users can conveniently use a single email address and password when accessing their Edgecast CDN account. (Commerce Acceleration Solution accounts using TRANSACT are excluded for now.)

This feature is the first of many Single Sign-On (SSO) enhancements that we’re building with flexible, secure industry-standard frameworks and protocols, such as Oauth2 and OpenID Connect. This change lays the groundwork for other new features, such as Business-to-Business (B2B) SSO, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and an improved account and user management experience.

What to expect: Minimal differences; we’ll do the heavy lifting
Current users will continue to access their portal using the same my.edgecast.com URL, with their same email address and password.

There will be a few small changes, however. As part of our new SSO login flow, and after logging in to my.edgecast.com, you’ll automatically be redirected to the new Verizon Digital Media Services SSO page, (Note: The domain of the Single Sign-On page is id.vdms.io so don’t be alarmed; it’s us), where you’ll be prompted to enter your current email address and password to log in.

Once you’ve provided your correct email address and password and click the “login” button on our new SSO page, you’ll be logged in and automatically redirected back to the my.edgecast.com portal to find your account safe and sound.

Our current login page will switch to the new SSO page in early January 2018.
It’s painless, we promise.

Tip: If you’re having trouble logging in, you might be locked out of your account.. If you’ve been locked out, you will be required to wait a short period of time before the account is unlocked and before you can attempt to login again.
Alternatively, if you’re in a rush, you can perform a password reset by clicking the Forgot Password link on the login page, which will allow you to change your password and unlock your account immediately. If at any time, you experience trouble logging in, we highly recommend an attempt at resetting your password to regain access before contacting support.

World-class technology, world-class service
The Verizon Digital Media Services team is excited to bring you the joy of Single Sign-On this holiday season! We hope you’re as excited as we are. As always, your Verizon Digital Media Services Support Team remains ready and available to assist 24 x 7 with any issues that may arise.

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