Announcing the Latest Updates to Our Edgecast Content Delivery Network User Experience

Announcing the Latest Updates to Our Edgecast Content Delivery Network User Experience - Verizon Digital Media Services

In April we reported that we had reached the next milestone in our efforts to provide a more intuitive and consistent user experience across all services in our platform. And now we are excited to announce that we have made even more updates.

We continue in our strategic initiative to improve the customer experience by offering new reporting features and UX improvements to the user dashboard. Check out the latest changes:

DCP and media ingest reporting:
This is a new reporting feature for Advanced Reports and Edge Performance Analytics: Customers can now see their DCP and media ingest traffic through those two reporting modules. This update will allow customers to track hits and data transferred for those origin codes.

Dashboard UX improvements
As part of the project to modernize and improve the user experience (UX) design of the Edgecast Content Delivery Network service application, we are bringing some changes to the homepage we will now call Dashboard. The changes will appear in incremental releases and will maintain the feature parity with the current home page. In the first set of changes we are introducing a new section to the Dashboard called Performance.

Performance has been designed to provide customers with a seven-day aggregated summary overview of key indicators of CDN performance (performance summary numbers) and a daily breakdown view of hit ratio and hits and misses (performance chart).


Numbers in the image are merely suggestive and not exact calculations as it would appear in the actual UI.

We'd love to hear what you think of these changes. Please send us your feedback at vdmsinfo@verizon.com.

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