Apply to be a part of our Functions@Edge public beta

Woman wearing virtual reality headset and smiling

By Muhammad Rehman, VP & Head of Product—Delivery, Security and Compute, Verizon Media

You’ve probably begun to imagine the ways edge computing can transform your business. The question is, when will you have the opportunity to explore its capabilities? The answer is now.

The public beta for our Functions@Edge is open. Apply now to participate. This is an exclusive chance to be one of the first to explore how computing at the CDN edge can impact your capabilities and what you offer users. Functions@Edge, our functions-as-a-service (FaaS) solution, accelerates your digital transformation by delivering high-performing, low-latency applications for better user experiences.

With Functions@Edge, you can move components of your application that are compute intensive and sensitive to network latency to the edge to help improve the user experience. Functions@Edge also offers a number of cost benefits including, reduced Cloud TCO (total cost of ownership) by moving business logic from the Cloud to the CDN Edge, decreased OpEx costs since no IT resources are required to manage infrastructure, and reduced operational overhead; providing your teams more time to developing innovative application features.

Edge computing brings new possibilities and significant improvements to video streaming, augmented reality, remote healthcare, transportation, public safety and manufacturing. Imagine transportation networks filled with self-driving delivery vehicles. Live 8K Ultra HD video of the biggest sporting events with ultra-low latency. Irrigation systems that instantaneously respond to atmospheric changes to increase agricultural production. Virtually every business will be impacted by edge computing, and the Functions@Edge public beta is a unique opportunity for you to be at the forefront of this emerging technology.

There are a limited number of spaces available, so you’re encouraged to apply for the Functions@Edge public beta now.