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Associate your brand with good this holiday season

Associate your brand with good this holiday season

As we head into this holiday season, people are re-focusing their priorities - moving away from the hustle and bustle of years past to focus on the most meaningful aspects of their life and the causes that matter to them.

They’re showing it in how they shop. Sure, consumers are looking for deals (75%), but they’re also looking to support small businesses (60%) and brands that are truly helpful. Shoppers are actively seeking brands that lent a hand during COVID (53%), as well as brands that support charitable causes (44%).* 

Tell the story of your brand values by partnering with Verizon Media and RYOT Studio. We offer a variety of solutions to communicate your message in safe, trusted environments, including custom content programs, branded video, CTV, feel-good gift guides and more.  

Associate Your Brand with Good

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* Holiday Expectations Amid COVID-19, April 2020

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