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Augmented Reality, how advertisers really use it for growth and performance

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Consumers are ready to engage with augmented reality, in exciting ways that marketers are just beginning to leverage. They want new AR ad experiences that are useful, meaningful and immersive. Take a look at this Marketer's AR Toolkit to find out everything you need to be successful with AR ads.

Dive in and find out what Jeff Lucas, Vice President, Verizon Media Head of Americas Sales and Global Teams has to share about what's coming with AR ads in an eMarketer roundtable discussion with other industry experts. In addition, you will find some very helpful AR advertising best practices.

Our Redefining Reality infographic from RYOT Studio gives you insights into how virtual and augmented realities are driving adoption up and building deeper consumer experiences.

Also, you can take a look at two leading brands doing AR ads right. Home Depot delivered a personalized digital AR holiday campaign that dazzled its customers, while Pottery Barn built virtual home makeovers that drove deep consumer interactions.

See the Marketer's AR Toolkit

Be sure to also read these additional pieces from Jeff Lucas, an eContent article on how marketers can use AR and this Adweek article on why extended reality is the future of marketing.