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Better CDN Technology for Better Performance

better-cdn-technology-better-cdn-performanceAs innovators in the CDN industry, we are often contacted by companies with forward-thinking cultures that are looking to improve their existing content delivery. When a leading social media platform came to us, their legacy CDN had assured them that they had caching and acceleration covered. Luckily, they didn’t settle for outdated business practices and continued seeking ways that they could improve. Our self-enablement tools were of particular interest to their development mindset, and so they decided to compare our performance to their existing vendor. When initial testing began, they expected us to match their 85 percent cache-hit ratio and existing performance. Naturally, they were stunned when their expectations were surpassed, and we delivered double-digit performance gains and 99 percent cache-hit ratios! This blog will touch on the key points as to why our better technology drives better performance.

Although the internet has gone through dramatic changes in the last several years alone, our CDN continues to evolve just as fast to power better performance. And with dedicated resources on hand, we are helping to ensure our technology will remain next generation for years to come.

Our content delivery network (CDN) technology is refreshed every 12 to 18 months to address current and emerging challenges. Our entire network, in fact, has been revamped five times and is currently seventh generation, consisting of 17 Tbps network capacity across five continents with 720 Teraflops of computing power. Our efficient architecture allows us to continue to deploy the latest hardware to deliver better performance.

Our patented algorithm drives better performance by ensuring a high cache-hit ratio. This caching algorithm intelligently determines the most efficient caching strategy, for consistent cache-hit ratios of over 95 percent. Our dynamic acceleration technology determines optimal TCP window size to balance best performance and stability. This is why our caching delivers an edge over the competition.

Furthermore, we’ve built best practices into our delivery and acceleration of different objects: small, large, video and dynamic content. Instead of “one-size-fits-all” delivery and acceleration, we’ve created different delivery strategies that can be optimized through our web-based portal. All our customers have to do is select and define which to employ for their assets. There’s no black-box operations with us; our customers have control and visibility to fine-tune and make their delivery faster and on their own terms too.

By no means does this sum the extent of our technology. This is simply to showcase a few key highlights of how we’ve built better technology into a CDN that’s aimed for true performance, reliability and functionality, today, tomorrow and forever.

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