Better transparency in the programmatic ecosystem

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Programmatic promises greater efficiency and better audience insight into ad buys. While the potential exists for tremendous campaign success, the surge of omnichannel supply coupled with ever-evolving auction types and buying models has complicated the programmatic landscape. It’s no surprise that today’s marketers want to look behind the curtain to gain more transparency and control of digital supply chains. 

At Verizon Media, we understand that smarter, more effective campaigns begin with meaningful omnichannel insights. That’s why we’re proud to announce an innovative new omnichannel insights tool designed to help marketers using the Verizon Media DSP find the best path to their audience and efficiently allocate media spend across all channels.

Powered by machine learning, the new insights tool helps advertisers navigate the programmatic ecosystem, aggregating omnichannel insights from all Verizon Media DSP activity and customizing it to reveal a client’s optimal purchase paths, supply mix and trends, ad formats, channels, auction type, and more. 

“At Verizon Media, trust and transparency are more than just buzzwords,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer at Verizon Media. “We believe in the power of consistently delivering new technologies, platforms and tools that unlock deeper insights into programmatic supply and performance. With today’s announcement, we are continuing to take a leadership role, bringing our DSP customers granular omnichannel intelligence at the auction level, giving them everything they need to understand how and where to best allocate budgets.”

Oh, the places you can go 

Giving advertisers more transparency into supply chains is a crucial step to increasing campaign efficiency and hitting campaign goals. In developing this new insights tool, we saw an opportunity to help advertisers gain better control of their ad spend with an easy to use dashboard, offering each DSP user a transparent, multi-dimensional view of omnichannel supply paths. The tool also includes detailed reach and cost metrics broken down by auction type, ad format, exchange, and channel. 

This dynamic tool is built to explore, with a rich set of filters and a built-in comparison feature that allows marketers to hone in on and analyze supply paths against specific targeting criteria, such as demo and site domain. Buyers can now analyze how each channel, format, and exchange is performing while providing forecasts to shape campaign strategy, creative, and targeting. Future versions will also allow segmentation by device, video duration, video placement, and domain. 

Our omnichannel insights tool offers a simple and seamless way to make informed marketing decisions to improve performance and accelerate campaign planning. 

With this new tool, Verizon Media DSP buyers can:

  • Identify the best channels, exchanges, and ad formats to reach their audience at scale
  • Understand the potential impact of first and second price auctions
  • Estimate CPM cost based on the average platform clearing prices 
  • Compare and determine the best targeting strategy to achieve cost and scale goals
  • Analyze the best supply path and ad formats available on target domains

The Verizon Media DSP is committed to giving brands the insights and transparency they need to run smarter, more efficient omnichannel campaigns that produce better results.  

Contact us today, to see how our DSP can help you reach your goals.