The big picture: Connected TV advertising's best practices

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With CTV (Connected TV) driving an estimated 50% of all video ad impressions this year 1, it's quickly becoming a crucial channel for successful video advertising. The benefits of CTV video advertising are impressive - from reaching younger audiences to effective targeting to delivering highly-viewable, non-skippable video campaigns. But do you know how to effectively integrate CTV ads into your omnichannel marketing plans? 

Take a look at this informative guide to learn about:

The evolving TV landscape, including definitions for the vague terms often used incorrectly. 

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Unique targeting opportunities within programmatic CTV advertising, and tips to reach your target audience more effectively.

Current measurement and attribution methods, including a break down of how to match exposure data by households.

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Best practices, case studies and a reference guide on how to quickly get started with CTV advertising.


OTT viewing will continue to grow, along with CTV advertising opportunities. As a leader in CTV global supply, we’re excited to bring you the latest in ad tech and ad formats to help you connect with your audience, through relevant video ads that resonate with viewers regardless of how and when they are watching.


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1Source: Extreme Reach, Video Benchmarks, Q2 2019