Break the sound barrier with digital video captioning

Skateboarder listening to his mobile phone via headphones

How important is sound when viewing digital video? Should you make sure all of your content has captioning? These are some of the questions we delved into in creating this infographic on understanding the relationship between sound, video and captioning. 

The reality is that video viewing has changed drastically over the past several years. People consuming video content on the go or in public spaces have to deal with possibly upsetting people or just not being able to hear what they need to. Most consumers want captioned video and captioning also provides the added benefit of helping to spark interest among casual viewers. 

Captioning video can help with user engagement


Verizon Media recently partnered with Publicis Media to examine the evolution of video viewing, sound, and the impact of captioning - and the results were loud and clear. Take a look at this infographic to explore the unique and specific use cases for video captions, and also learn how captions with video can drive greater recall as well as brand favorability.

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