4 ways to build your brand with programmatic OOH

Build Your Brand with Programmatic OOH

Finding your audience in today’s fragmented environment is a challenge. That’s why Verizon Media is expanding its programmatic digital out-of-home (OOH) offerings with new partnerships and enhanced features. Our new partnership with premium out-of-home marketplace VIOOH gives our customers access to even more inventory than before, including the digital assets of JCDecaux, the number one OOH advertising company worldwide.

We’re betting big on DOOH in 2020, because we believe there’s no better way to captivate audiences with brand storytelling than in the spaces they frequent. When over 1 in 4 Americans are using ad blocking on their connected devices (Edison  Research, On Site Insights, Feb 2019) and an even higher 69% of Gen Z audiences saying they physically avoid ads (eMarketer, July 2019), the visibility of unblockable and unskippable stories on DOOH screens is more important than ever. Powered by Verizon Media DSP’s suite of planning and measurement tools, brands can tell the stories that they want to tell to the audiences they want to reach. 

Here are 4 ways Verizon Media’s programmatic OOH can help you build your brand:

1. More spaces

Reach and scalability are paramount for any channel strategy. Our DOOH solution connects users to exclusive, premium digital screens in spaces wherever consumers go — from subway stations and airports to gyms, roadside billboards, elevators, and check out screens.  Now, with our partnership with VIOOH, Verizon Media continues its growth in DOOH and emerging channels through its DSP, unlocking new ways for advertisers to reach audiences and bringing DOOH screens to more than 60 cities across seven countries. 

2. Better tools

To get the right insights, you need the right tools. Verizon Media is the first omnichannel DSP to offer a holistic DOOH Campaign Planner Tool, empowering advertisers to seamlessly integrate brand storytelling throughout your target audience’s day. Enter targeting criteria to view a map of available DOOH screens down to the street level. Set targets by venue, time of day, even the weather. Whatever your needs, Verizon Media gives you the tools you need to visualize and programmatically execute on your DOOH campaigns. 

3. Effective measurements

Consumer engagement with DOOH ads goes beyond the standard click or tap. To understand who an ad reached and how it influenced them, new reporting methods and metrics are needed. With partnerships like Cuebiq, a leader in the offline intelligence space, Verizon Media can provide brands with location-based analytics that lets you leverage offline data holistically and gain incremental insights on user visits.

4. Captivating creative 

Verizon Media’s ad creative tech team works closely with clients  to incorporate existing assets into visually impactful display banners, DOOH billboards, and interactive mobile ad formats to garner mass awareness. Large format and place-based DOOH screens create show stopping impact unlike any other channel. A campaign using our Times Square billboard on New Year’s Eve 2020 reached 2 million people gathered in person and made over 14 million impressions thanks to CNN coverage, with an estimated 1 billion viewers worldwide.  That’s unmatched visibility before a captive audience that won’t soon be forgotten.

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