Building a new DNS on a world class CDN

Building a New DNS on a World Class CDN

We recently introduced Verizon ROUTE, our globally distributed DNS (Domain Name System) service.

In a recent interview conducted at Velocity Conference 2013 in NYC — Ted Middleton, our VP of Product Management, explains:

  1. Why Verizon Digital Media Services introduced a secure, high-performance DNS service
  2. How DNS is integrated into Verizon’s CDN offering and pricing

Running one of the world’s busiest CDNs means also building a secure, high-performance DNS service, since “DNS is instrumental in operating a global network”, Ted explains:

With Verizon ROUTE, customers can manage primary and secondary DNS. Over the years we’ve learned a lot about how to accelerate name look-ups and delivery, which led to a DNS service which is “layered out with a sophisticated, enterprise-class traffic management, policy-based routing”, as Ted points out.

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