Case study: Converting video game viewers to fans

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment teamed up with Verizon Media Taiwan and Yahoo TV to create a virtual game show to reach more players. The leading video game company wanted to create excitement and reach new players for their video game franchise.

Campaign: Taiwan Video Program
Region: Taiwan
Key Solutions: Dynamic motion capture and video

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment amplified its brand influence with a campaign to reach more potential players by creating a virtual game show with video teams at Verizon Media Taiwan on Yahoo TV. With likable virtual hosts Hoonie and Panda and fun video ads, they promoted BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's upcoming games and converted viewers to real-time fans.

Credits: Yi Ming Hsiao (Carrie), Pin Si Fong (Joanna), Ming Chi Chan (Houston)

Bandai Namco amplified its brand influence by creating a virtual game show with video teams at Verizon Media Taiwan on Yahoo TV. Together, they created a virtual character named Hoonie and a new animation program, "Hoonie Friends," ​​hosted on Yahoo TV LIVE in Taiwan. Panda from Bandai's Tekken video game also joined Hoonie as co-host, creating instant fandom and inviting fans to interact with Bandai's virtual characters on social media.

This campaign reached more potential players and converted viewers to real-time fans while promoting Bandai's upcoming games.

Campaign results:

  • 1.6M video views, 2.8k likes, 1.1k messages

  • Many fans created their own artwork and shared it on social

  • Engaged audiences not just in Taiwan, but across the globe including large markets like Japan, China and the U.S.

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment's campaign is a 2018 Brandblazers program winner, celebrated for its innovative, consumer-first and cross-screen approach to digital advertising. This campaign exemplifies Oath Brand Advertising Intelligence by combining the art of branding and the science of data to help partners like BANDAI NAMCO build stronger relationships with their customers.

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