Case study: CPG advertisers see more efficient buying through Deal IDs

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For many advertisers, the challenge in buying digital inventory from open exchanges is finding enough of the right kind of inventory. Sometimes this means finding inventory from premium publishers, sometimes it's finding impressions that will achieve specific KPIs. Until recently, advertisers had to search through billions of impressions from thousands of publishers to identify inventory that helps them reach their goals at the right price.

This is where Deal Identifiers (Deal IDs) have come to the rescue, enabling sellers, like our ad exchange, to package inventory by specific attributes, such as demo, location, performance or ad format. Deal IDs take the guess work out of finding the right inventory and help ensure advertisers of all kinds can meet their performance goals.

Best of all, targeting inventory via Deal ID is helping to drive efficiencies for advertisers. On our ad exchange, clients are buying inventory via Deal ID packages and seeing increased performance and lower costs. CPG advertisers targeting our Mobile Video High CVR deal achieved up to 22% higher completed view rates and 15% lower effective cost per completed view than buying on the open exchange alone*.



At Verizon Media, we've built hundreds of deals to help advertisers spend efficiently and reach their goals. And, if an existing deal doesn't meet an advertiser's needs, we'll work to build a custom one for more efficiency at scale. Ask our inventory experts how we can make finding the right inventory for your campaign as easy as possible.

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*Data from inventory purchased July 1 to December 31, 2016


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