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Intermarkets achieves higher fill and CPMs

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The Intermarkets Portfolio is a collective of quality digital publishers focused on generating high caliber content for consumption across multi-screen channels. Their reputation has been established through collaborative partnerships engineering and providing custom-tailored solutions for clients and partners.


Intermarkets has been using Verizon Media: Display MP since 2013 to monetize their inventory programmatically. Like many publishers unsatisfied with the traditional supply side platform waterfall, Intermarkets was looking for a way to amplify bid values at the impression level.


Intermarkets tested out Verizon Media's Header Bidding solution, enabling them to retrieve: Display MP maximum bids before sending to the ad server, creating a true competitive auction for every impression.

The successful implementation has enabled Intermarkets to:

• Drive up bid competition among all bidding partners, resulting in significantly higher payouts and average CPMs

• Enable the vast buying power of Verizon Media demand to bid more competitively across all RTB, tag-based demand, and private deals, resulting in much lower tech fees as auction winners

• Reach monthly revenue goals faster, with fewer impressions required

• Foster a better user experience, as Verizon Media's solution reduces latency by delivering content before ads

The verdict?

Since onboarding Verizon Media's plug and play Header Bidding solution:

• Header bidding placements have had a 240% higher CPM value than standard tag-based placements.

• Intermarkets has generated a 33% increase in incremental revenue.

Don't just take our word for it...

"Since Intermarkets started using the Display MP Publisher API, we've not only seen our eCPMs increase significantly, we've also seen great fill rates. Setup was quick and painless, and with the extensive reporting we are able to optimize in real time." - Stephanie Snow, VP of Operations, Intermarkets

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