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Case study: Pottery Barn and Verizon Media power virtual home makeovers with AR

Case study: Pottery Barn and Verizon Media power virtual home makeovers with AR

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At a glance

Goal: compliment the catalogue to engage home décor enthusiasts and showcase Pottery Barn's home furnishings via an interactive, mobile friendly experience.

Solution: build an augmented reality ad experience that invites shoppers to select from a carousel of Pottery Barn furniture and virtually place 3D items in their home, enabling customers to visualize how Pottery Barn furniture will look and fit within their space.

Target home décor enthusiasts on Yahoo Mail using the native and search marketplace.

Impact: shoppers spent an average of 2.4 minutes engaging with the AR ad unit, calling the experience "unique and "fascinating."

Viewing success

The augmented reality (AR) mobile ad unit, designed by Verizon Media's RYOT team and powered by the native and search marketplace, enables consumers to click to access an immersive ad in a Verizon Media content experience like Yahoo Mail.

Pottery Barn, part of Williams-Sonoma, Inc., understood the power of this mobile experience and was ready to collaborate with Verizon Media on this innovative AR ad unit to push creative boundaries and inspire customers to give their home a virtual makeover – and ultimately purchase.

"We were thrilled to see consumers spend over two minutes in the ad, higher than any engagement time for average rich media ads. It far surpassed our expectations," stated Felix Carbullido, CMO, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Designing the perfect campaign

As a leading retailer for casual, comfortable and stylish home furnishings, Pottery Barn has produced an impressive library of digital content for their customers. They also understand how their customers seamlessly blend their physical and digital lives. That's why Pottery Barn was among the first to want to launch an immersive AR ad campaign powered by Verizon Media's native and search marketplace and designed by RYOT Lab.

Pottery Barn knew that the mobile AR ad would create opportunities for people to experience their products in a truly interactive way, creating a seamless path from inspiration to purchase.

AR was a smart mobile solution

The AR campaign resonated with consumers, driving an average time spent of 2.4 minutes within the interactive ad experience – viewing a variety of home furnishings within the user's actual home environment. This allowed consumers to test out stylish items from chairs to sofas to lighting and see how they complement their own environment before moving on to browsing the Pottery Barn site or visiting in-store.

The campaign also drove an impressive 8.9% CTR from the AR experience to the mobile shopping site. Viewers liked what they saw in the ads. This allowed Pottery Barn to drive key engagement, as well as performance metrics.

Consumers make themselves at home with AR

Research among users who experienced the Pottery Barn AR native ad unit showed universally positive reactions. AR helps consumers visualize products in their own space, narrow down choices, and make informed decisions. The AR ad was described by viewers as "unique," "fascinating," "fun," "clever," and "intuitive". 1

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1Source: Verizon Media Consumer Sessions Lab, February 2018.