Slogan competition, growth celebration

Slogan Competition, Growth Celebration

Here at Verizon Digital Media Services (formerly EdgeCast) we definitely have fun. So, as we approach the launch of our new e-commerce platform, TRANSACT, we want to celebrate all the hard work our team has done in getting this new network ready.

The company is also about twice the size (250 people) it was the last time we took a company photo, so that gave us another excuse to get everyone together in the beautiful southern California sun.


As many of you know, there’s a booming food truck scene in Los Angeles, so once in a while we hire one to come serve the whole company lunch. One of our current favorites is the world-famous Grilled Cheese Truck.

In keeping with (some might say abusing) the ‘cheese’ theme, we asked people to submit their favorite joke slogans for the new solution — the cheesier the better. The winners of this competition took home gift certificates from some of our most notable customers — Etsy, Hulu, and Vegas.com, to name a few.


EdgeCast founders James Segil (left) and Alex Kazerani (right) announcing the winners of the cheesy slogan contest.

After an overwhelming amount of submissions ranging from corny to cheesy, the winner was Tianhe Yang from our marketing team for his best/worst submission:

Transact: You get the cash, cuz’ we’ve got the cache.

(We did warn you it would be cheesy.)

You won’t be seeing that on our marketing collateral, but you will be seeing Tian at Etsy even more than he usually is.

And in the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing a lot more about this exciting new network.

Now, say hello to the 250 people who keep a whole lot of the world’s Internet traffic running smooth and fast!

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