Client spotlight: 1 Mainstream

Client spotlight: 1 Mainstream

At Verizon Digital Media Services, we work with companies that are redefining innovation in media, e-commerce, and high tech. In this section, we feature our most forward thinking customers and tell their stories of creating superior user experiences and simplifying the digital future.

Solving the OTT distribution challenge — 1 Mainstream

Content owners know it all too well: consumers want to watch what they want, whenever they want — on the device that is most convenient at that moment. Traditional TV and so-called “appointment viewing” is becoming less important by the day.

It is not surprising that online TV consumption across all devices has seen a 246% year-over-year growth, according to Adobe’s Q1 2014 Benchmark report. What’s notable is that IP-based TV and content delivery seems to be finally catching on in living rooms, too.

OTT access points, such as Apple TV, Roku, and game consoles, are increasing their share of total online video consumption. Again looking at the Adobe Benchmark report, there a two numbers that validate this trend:

  • 123% increase in video starts (largest growth of all devices)
  • 539% share growth in TV Everywhere authenticated video

This trend is set to continue. Last year, a PwC study estimated over-the-top TV streaming revenues at $3.3 billion. Fast-forward to 2018, PwC predicts it to be a $10.1 billion segment — too big to be just an afterthought for media companies.

This promise of triple digit growth is where the challenge for content owners lies. It’s the increasing number of OTT formats and devices that consumers can choose from that will make it ever more difficult -and time-consuming- to reach (and monetize) all of them.

Some of the factors that contribute to this challenge are:

  • Lack of engineering experience across multiple OTT devices
  • Brand inconsistency across devices
  • Limited access to traditionally closed platforms like Apple TV and Xbox

1 Mainstream set out to solve this challenge for media companies. A leading over-the-top (OTT) streaming TV platform and Gartner 2014 “Cool Vendor”, 1 Mainstream provides an automated digital TV development platform for creating and distributing TV apps that reaches 80% of the world’s most popular internet TV devices.

“We deliver a quick and easy way to create and deploy TV apps via a scalable OTT content distribution platform while providing access to all of the leading connected TV devices”, says Rajeev Raman, 1 Mainstream’s CEO, adding that “by reducing the cost of streaming content and on-boarding OTT devices, our solution enables companies to give consumers access to more premium HD content, across more devices.”

This means that 1 Mainstream clients have to upload, ingest, and encode their content only once to distribute it across all supported devices – allowing them to reach new platforms within weeks rather than months (among 1 Mainstream’s clients: BSkyB, the UK and Ireland’s leading home entertainment and Communications Company, which was able to launch their US Sky News app on Apple TV in under three weeks).

Part of 1 Mainstream’s promise to simplify the OTT experience is ensuring a superior experience for its end user. “Users expect a high quality video that loads quickly without disruptions or buffer”, says CEO Raman. “Verizon enables us to scale and prepare for the oncoming explosion in OTT viewing, while also ensuring fast HD delivery.”

To learn more about 1 Mainstream, please visit: www.1mainstream.com

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