Client spotlight: Nexmo

Client spotlight: Nexmo - Verizon Digital Media Services

At Verizon Digital Media Services, we work with companies that are driving innovation in media, commerce and high tech. In this section, we feature our most forward-thinking customers and tell their stories of creating superior user experiences and powering the digital future.

Nexmo: Enabling business critical phone and messaging communication, globally

For online businesses and apps, two-factor authentication has quickly become a critical step along the way to rapid growth. With acquisition costs of up to $10 per user, companies need to make sure that account verification happens quickly and seamlessly; a failed message or phone call usually means losing a potential (or existing) customer.

That’s the challenge Nexmo, a 2014 CNBC Top 50 Disruptor and Gartner Cool Vendor, sets out to solve. Companies such as Snapchat and AirBnB trust Nexmo’s SMS and voice APIs to connect to phones globally to authenticate their users.

In an article about the company, GigaOM outlined the gap that Nexmo is closing for its customers:

There’s a fundamental disconnect between the networks built by telecom operators, which traffic in […] protocols like SS7 and SIP, and the IP-and web-centric world of app developers.

Nexmo’s cloud APIs act as translator between those two worlds – enabling developers, online providers, and enterprises to embed messaging and voice services into their applications.

In most cases, this is a business critical process, one that should happen securely and in near real-time. Verizon Digital Media Services allows Nexmo to scale globally while protecting its cloud from potential DDoS attacks, both on the application and network layers.

In a recent video testimonial, Tony Jamous, Nexmo’s founder and CEO, described his company’s leading cloud technology – and how Verizon Digital Media Services helps reduce latency by up to 70% for millions of API calls each day.

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