Client spotlight: Relay42

Client spotlight: Relay42 - Verizon Digital Media Services

edMcKinsey calls it ‘the biggest game-changing opportunity for marketing and sales since the Internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago.’ Business Insider simply says it’s the future of marketing.’ Both refer to Big Data.

Big Data has become an integral part of online marketing. It is used to tailor messages and offers; it increases relevance of content and improves user satisfaction.

Yet, making data accessible can be a challenge, especially when trying to create a 360-degree view of a customer. Often, data resides in silos and disparate databases that are hard to access for marketers and require third party help (such as from IT departments). Ultimately, this challenge results in delays and suboptimal data sets that marketers can leverage to optimize their campaigns.

The team at Relay42 believes that online marketers should be able to execute their core activities quickly and autonomously. That’s why Relay42 created the industry’s leading tag and data platform, enabling marketers to collect, manage, and integrate valuable data across channels.

“Our technology breaks the dependencies of online marketers on the IT team by putting tags and data into their hands; it allows them to start new campaigns in seconds instead of having to wait weeks or even months”, says Tomas Salfischberger, Managing Director and co-founder of Relay42.

The result: marketers become much more agile and efficient while at the same time getting more control over their website’s performance and privacy regulations: “We specially developed our platform to suit the needs of marketers without technical knowledge”, explains Salfischberger, adding that “all activities are optimized to just a few clicks on an intuitive interface, making data actionable in seconds — rather than weeks!”

Relay42 looks at tag management as an essential part of the holistic marketing approach and gathers and manages online and offline data centrally – enabling marketers to perform tasks quickly and in real-time.

Key to Relay42’s tag and data management approach is speed. Its platform uses dynamic tag management to optimize responses for every visitor while decreasing download times and increasing website performance. “The great advantage of this technology is that tags are loaded separately from the visible content of the page”, explains Salfischberger. “This way, we’re ensuring the constant stability and performance of the website.”

To provide this constant performance and stability, Relay42 needed a modern, high performance architecture supporting its tag and data management platform. “The combination of our dynamic tag management solution with a CDN that is able to deliver dynamic responses in real-time improves performance over other tag management solutions by a factor 2 to 3”, says Salfischberger. “With Verizon’s Web Acceleration solution, we are able to deliver much faster responses to our end-users and make more efficient use of our server capacity.”

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