Come meet us at eTail West 2016!

Come Meet Us at eTail West 2016!

unnamed-9We’ll be heading to Palm Springs February 22-25 to attend and exhibit at eTail West 2016. We’re definitely excited to meet with you. Here are the top three reasons why we are looking forward to the show:

Finally, a better CDN for commerce

2015 was an amazing year for us. We partnered with many leading online retailers who left their long-time content delivery network (CDN) for our next-generation Commerce Acceleration Solution, and continue to hear great feedback. Our customers praise us about the cost-savings they’ve enjoyed, the enterprise-grade CDN performance and security they’ve experienced, the agility they’ve gained from our self-enablement tools, and the increase in productivity they’ve achieved.

eTail West 2016 is the perfect setting for us to meet with retailers, like you, who haven’t made the leap yet, and to show you why better truly matters.

Helping you reach 57 million millennials

When AOL became part of Verizon in 2015, their social and advertising technology, along with our evolved media platform, took us to the forefront of digital media. If your commerce business is targeting millennials, we’d love to meet to discuss how we can partner with you to help you effectively reach millions of millennials on a global scale.

Defending you against Bitcoin cyber-extortion attacks

Imagine this: The biggest shopping season for your commerce business is quickly approaching, and you receive a ransom letter threatening to unleash a crippling DDoS attack on your servers unless you pay them in untraceable Bitcoins. Your options? To pay your attackers an arbitrary sum in Bitcoins, with no guarantee that they will halt the attack, or you can ignore them and risk an outage during your busiest time of the year. What would you do? Do you have a plan?

Scenarios like this are becoming increasingly popular and can be crippling to many organizations. Luckily, you can prepare for these scenarios preemptively and fend off your attackers before they strike.

A security expert from our team will be giving a presentation at eTail West 2016 covering a real case in which we helped a Fortune 500 retailer mitigate a massive Bitcoin extortion attack with our enterprise-grade CDN and security solution. We could help you do the same.

With so much to talk to about, we’d love to see you at eTail West! Stop by our booth or request a meeting.

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