Content delivery networks: Past, present and future

Content Delivery Networks: Past, Present and Future - Verizon Digital Media Services

When you think of a content delivery network, what comes to mind? Ever heard of it? If not, you should, because it's the reason you are able to do all that you do on the internet.

Content delivery networks (CDN) were created to solve growing bandwidth pressures of the internet. First generation CDNs addressed the high demands of audio and video streaming and overall the need to efficiently fulfill a growing internet database. As the internet progressed to what it is today, CDNs are needed to provide the optimal online experience for users. In fact, with the growing penetration of broadband services, increased amount of streaming content, etc., the global CDN market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 30% by 2021.

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A CDN powers cloud computing, web acceleration, video streaming, online security and more. It is the backbone of the internet, and without it, navigation and internet use would be impossible. It powers online payments, advertisements, websites, etc. CDNs keep the internet less clogged with faster loading times, increased security to defend against cyber attacks, and the ability to store information. For third-generation CDNs, the quality of experience for the user is more important than anything. Without best-in-class CDN technology, you risk a slow performance and an insecure network. Can you imagine a world without content delivery networks?

While every sector of the internet is quickly advancing, the rise in over-the-top (OTT) services and video streaming especially is leading to a growing demand for the best CDN. We are now in a time where live streaming, Netflix and YouTube are replacing our old habits of watching broadcast television. With more than 200 active OTT services in the market, it is crucial to serve viewers with a seamless, enjoyable experience or risk losing them to competitors.

How do content owners keep up with fierce online competition? Because the internet is constantly growing with increasing trends and user needs, it is important to have the most optimal CDN out there. Outdated CDNs leave users affected by slow-loading web pages, a bad streaming experience, and a poor cloud-computing experience. With Verizon Digital Media Service's lightning-fast Edgecast Content Delivery Network, you can expect superior performance and enterprise features and capabilities. In fact, our CDN consistently outperforms legacy CDNs in terms of speed and reliability.

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