Creating Transformative Experiences: Ads that drive action

woman shopping and using her mobile

We can’t wait to soak up all the inspiration under the Riviera sun this week. In homage to the 2019 Cannes Lions International Festival, we’ve created a daily content series that celebrates creativity and its power to transform the consumer experience. So whether you’re strolling La Croisette or following virtually, capture some of our creative marketing inspiration. In part one, we explore ads that drive action.


At Verizon Media, we believe that a successful member-centric ecosystem begins with a compelling customer experience. As a sought-after destination for over 800 million monthly consumers,1 we have a good idea of the type of experience that keeps people coming back to our content channels. From getting trading insights on Yahoo Finance, to streaming the latest Build video, to reading fashion tips on Yahoo Lifestyle - Verizon Media is there in the key moments of intention.

We partner with brands to create native experiences that allow them to be part of the content we create. With features built for commerce, our engaging formats eliminate steps to conversion, allow for better product exploration, and leverage the right data to personalize the experience to each user’s unique shopping history. We partner with brand leaders in the industry to help them make unique connections with their customers - through interactive ads that add value to consumers and shorten the path from consideration to brand purchase.

However, despite significant purchase funnel innovation, consumers have become even more frustrated with digital advertising, finding it irrelevant, or annoying. In fact, 87% of people find digital advertising intrusive.2 Digital ads need to evolve right alongside today’s technology and customer behavior. When it comes to creating ad experiences, we make no exceptions. We serve ads that provide value to our members, working hand-in-hand with the premium content they love. Consumers trust messages that appear within their favorite content experiences because they trust our utilities and house of brands, providing safe environments in which to run campaigns. Our diverse native formats are opportunities for brands to extend their digital environment and provide value along all phases of the path to purchase.


Interact with joy

A disruptor at its core, Purple worked with Verizon Media to showcase the creativity and on-brand humor their brand is known for through media-rich 360 native Tile experiences. The interactive feature with touchpoint capabilities welcomed users into a virtual mattress lab, where they could learn about Purple’s “comfort magic” science. The strategy cleverly boosted brand awareness and drove lasting mobile engagement. "Creating authentic content that resonates with our consumers is key to our digital marketing success,” says Rob Towne, Purple’s Head of Search and Display Advertising, “Verizon Media has helped us execute more innovative native advertising techniques and creative formats to successfully deliver a great experience on mobile platforms where we find today's customers." Purple’s interactive native experience drove 130% increased ROAS over benchmarks - proof that the mattress buying experience can be fun, as well as profitable.3


Purple native ad


Inspire with extended reality

In the age of distraction, successful brands must deliver experiences that are helpful, captivating, and provide instant value throughout the path to purchase. To connect their offline and digital experiences, Pottery Barn used native ads, enabled with extended reality, that allowed customers to view Pottery Barn products within their own homes. "We were thrilled to see consumers spend over two minutes in the ad, higher than any engagement time for average rich media ads. It far surpassed our expectations," said  Felix Carbullido, CMO, Williams-Sonoma, Inc. This campaign was a true example of a brand putting customer value first, and the marketing results prove it: 78% of customers found the ad to be helpful, and each customer spent an average of 2.4 minutes engaging with the ad.4  

Pottery Barn VR ad


It’s evident that better customer experiences deliver greater brand impact and returns. In fact, 27% of people exposed to native experiences say they are more likely to convert.2 At Verizon Media, we continue to focus on developing premium solutions that are easy to buy and provide value to our audiences.

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