Creativity built on 5G

With each generation of wireless technology, we’ve been gifted a technological milestone: 1G brought us voice so we could make calls; 2G enabled texting on our flip-phones, 3G let us go online–and introduced data and apps; and with 4G, we could process much more data through our wireless smartphones, allowing us to stream videos on the go. There has been a lot of talk about the next generation of wireless technology, 5G, but what is it and why will it matter to advertisers?

Transforming creativity as we know it

We believe 5G will change everything. It will transform how we do all kinds of things,like starting to cook dinner at home during your evening commute, shopping for groceries with input from your refrigerator, autonomous cars, remote healthcare–and so much more. We’ll enter the “post-smartphone era”, meaning richer, immersive experiences that are no longer about any one device.Verizon has 5G in 33 major markets today, and it is already transforming creativity as we know it. Some of what it has enabled is:

1. Reduced production time and cost:


RYOT studio and Lil Dicky’s Earth activation used to take 3 years to build. They made it in 3 weeks–and what’s more, its 5G-powered animation is sophisticated and hyper-realistic.


2. Unprecedented real-time capabilities


In partnership with the NFL, RYOT Studio developed tools to transform in-stadium experiences at stadiums that are fully 5G wired. As an example, users at the Super Bowl could use AR to get scores and player stats in real-time on their phones.


3. Blurring the lines of reality


The space between the digital and physical world is beginning to collapse, as animation and live-action combine to allow for immersive Extended Reality (XR) experiences. In a partnership between RYOT Studio and Disney for the premiere of Star Wars, attendees could interact with live virtual Sith Jet Troopers, created through motion capture and real-time rendering.

Enabling deeper human connections

But the real promise of 5G is not about the tech. It’s about the tech getting out of the way, becoming invisible, allowing for more human, more seamless, and more emotive experiences than ever knew we needed before. Imagine the ability to actually walk in someone else’s shoes, to see an experience or a place through their eyes. We believe that 5G will enable deeper human connections, creating opportunities for brands to touch their audiences in powerful and valuable ways.



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