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Hey All,

I hope this message finds you all well and busily hacking away at Oath.

We have a (growing) backlog of reports we are diligently working through; if we have not gotten to your report yet: please hang in there.

As you all know, I have been an advocate for program transparency wherever possible, so it would be amiss of me not to do so here.

We recently had the H1-5411 event in Argentina. As a result of this, Oath's Private Program saw the addition of more researchers, increasing the number included by almost 30%. Interestingly, we are also seeing some researchers, who have had invites but have not really participated, actively submitting bugs. Couple these together, and we end up with a backlog at intake. Please bear with us, we will get to all your reports (and bring our response / triage time back to where it should be). Please do not let this temporary delay put you off filing new reports. Bring me all your bugs :)

So from all of us at Oath's BB Team, I am truly sorry. I completely know how it feels to be on the side.


All the best, 

Mark and The Paranoids

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