Cyber Monday Success Story: Goedekers.com Partners With Verizon Digital Media Services To Manage Traffic Spikes

Goedekers.com Partners With Verizon Digital Media Services

With the help of Verizon Digital Media Services’ ADN, goedekers.com ensures fast loading times and a superior user experience during traffic spikes.

From modest beginnings as a home-based repair shop back in 1951, Goedeker’s has grown to become one of the largest independent retailers in America today. Offering brand name appliances, home furniture, and mattresses, Goedeker’s has earned a trusted name and outstanding reputation.

“What we’ve done is focus on customer service. We want our customers to feel as though they are buying from a hometown company”, explains Matt Davids, Director of SEO and Reputation Management at goedekers.com. “Everyone who visits goedekers.com will see our philosophy proudly displayed there. These are sincerely-held beliefs that shape how we deal with our customers.”

Part of this promise to customers is ensuring a superior shopping experience online. “We want to provide the best possible experience to our customers, from the first time they visit our site through their last purchase from us”, says Jeff Minor, CTO of goedekers.com. “A great site that is fast is imperative to meeting this goal. When site speed suffers, we immediately see and hear its impact from our customers.”

Before moving goedekers.com on to the Verizon network, the site experienced these kinds of performance challenges. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2012, the website crashed twice due to high traffic. Also, the average page load time skyrocketed to over 16 seconds during that period.

Fast forward to 2013: After implementing Verizon’s Application Delivery Network (ADN), Goedeker’s team did not have to worry about web performance and uptime during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“We had phenomenal success with the site. Our traffic was up almost 40% Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday compared to normal daily traffic”, said Jeff Minor. “We realized 100% uptime over this timespan, and saw average page-loads drop to close to 2 seconds per page while supporting the highest simultaneous traffic we have seen in months.”

By leveraging Verizon’s ADN, goedekers.com is now moving towards its self-proclaimed goal of 1 second page loads, which the company hopes to achieve by making improvements to the site’s code.

Prior to choosing Verizon’s ADN, Goedeker’s team conducted extensive competitive research. “We had tried the leading competition before and had issues with the cost versus benefit it provided”, says Jeff Minor. “Verizon was able to give us a lengthy trial and worked with us to get the performance where we wanted it prior to us committing. We had a solid history before the first bill ever appeared.”

Goedeker’s team was also pleased with Verizon’s customer centric set-up and migration process. “The team at Verizon was wonderful to work with. They made the transition quick and painless. We were up in a day or so and they worked for us to get everything configured correctly,” Jeff Minor summarizes his experience during the migration to Verizon.

With a world-class content delivery network supporting their website, goedekers.com’s team is now focused on further improving the user experience across devices. “We’ve cultivated a great design team and we are always looking for ways to improve. Whether it’s the checkout process or creating helpful articles on our blog, we want to be a resource where customers can find exactly what they need,” says Matt Davids. “I believe our ratings on review websites from real customers reflect that focus.”

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