DDoS is Coming – Director of Security Solutions Tin Zaw to Speak at RSA Abu Dhabi

DDoS is Coming – Director of Security Solutions Tin Zaw to Speak at RSA Abu Dhabi

DIG-INSIGHT_RSA2016Launching large-scale DDoS attacks just became easier. With the public release of Mirai, the IoT botnet malware code responsible for the recent record-breaking DDoS attack, the barrier to entry for launching massive DDoS attacks has been significantly lowered. DDoS attacks are concerning not only because they can take down a website, but because they often serve as a smokescreen for web application attacks aimed at breaching data.

A recent study by Neustar, which speaks to the prevalence of this problem, found that in EMEA markets, 75 percent of organizations have been hit with DDoS attacks, with nearly half of these victims attacked six or more times.

To discuss the seriousness of this security threat along with best practices for mitigating and preventing future attacks, Verizon Digital Media Services' Director of Security Solutions Tin Zaw is set to take the stage at this year's RSA Conference in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, Nov. 16. The conference brings together industry leaders and solution providers in an effort to strengthen overall cybersecurity posture.

Tin has more than 20 years experience in software and security and is a contributor to the OWASP Automated Threats to Web Application Project, used to set security standards and priorities internationally. He and the security teams at Verizon defend the company's 95+ Points of Presence across the globe, consistently thwarting DDoS attacks. During his presentation, Tin will address a real attack experienced by a Verizon customer during the peak holiday shopping season. He will offer his prescriptive advice on how others can avoid cyber extortion altogether and minimize impact if such an attack were to occur.

“In recent years, there has been an emergence of cybercriminal groups that threaten their targets with massive DDoS attacks unless they are paid a hefty Bitcoin ransom,” said Tin. “If the proper steps aren't taken, these attacks can disrupt a company's business, damage its brand and cause significant financial losses. During my presentation at RSA, I will discuss preparation, redundancy and security response execution when facing these attacks.”

At Verizon Digital Media Services, we believe that through diligent preparation leveraging the most advanced technology and by working with responsive and collaborative vendors, businesses can create a secure work environment that is stronger and more resilient in the face of emerging threats.

Be sure to drop by the Etihad Ballroom 1 at 2:20pm local time on Wednesday Nov. 16 to hear from Tin directly.

To learn more about our Anti-DDoS protection and other security offerings visit: https://www.verizondigitalmedia.com/platform/defend/

For more information on RSA Conference 2016 visit: https://www.rsaconference.com/events/ad16

For more information on Tin's presentation visit: https://www.rsaconference.com/events/ad16/agenda/sessions/2923/ddos-is-coming-a-story-of-dd4bc-and-the-copycat

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