Delivering the future of media for today's consumers

Delivering the Future of Media for Today's Consumers - Verizon Digital Media Services

MK-NewBy Mary Kay Evans, Chief Marketing Officer

Video is driving the future of media, and there are no signs of slowing down. There are currently 3.8 billion+ internet users worldwide, and in 2021, 82 percent of all internet traffic will be video. Content owners, broadcasters, advertisers and brands of tomorrow need to meet these new consumer demands to thrive in a volatile digital world.

Brands want consumers' attention. They want their content to be viewed and shared, and for their brand to benefit from the exposure and engagement. They want to deliver their content quickly, reliably and securely, because that's what their audience wants. They want the delivery process (implementation and ongoing service) to be simple, seamless and fully supported because they've got a business to run. Those that fail to embrace bold technologies that truly disrupt, innovate and inspire will be edged out.

The future of media
So, what exactly does the future of media look like? With the industry in constant flux, no one truly knows. Do you? Here's where we think the industry is heading.

What is the future of media?

  • The future of media is … disruption.
    What is certain about the digital media industry is that it's always changing. To handle whatever the future of media throws at you, you need next-level agility and next-generation technologies. From interactive live video to a secure, ever-growing network with a wide reach to media intelligence and simple workflow, disruptive solutions are vital for you to come out on top.
  • The future of media is … mobile-best experiences.
    It's important to be mobile-best in a mobile-first world. Leveraging mobile-best technologies that optimize how content looks and plays on every screen will ensure you meet whatever tomorrow's viewing experience will be.
  • The future of media is … personalization.
    Delivering intelligent experiences requires knowing viewers beyond the basics. You need intimate viewer insights and the quality, simplicity and scale necessary to engage with viewers with customizable apps and experiences.

Verizon Digital Media Services is delivering the future of media for broadcasters, OTT providers and enterprises. While our best-in-class network and services are ready — right now — to serve the needs of businesses and their customers, the reason they're ready is because we're focused on what's next. We pay close attention to behavioral trends and develop innovative technologies to satisfy the changing media needs of consumers. So our customers not only keep current with the times, they have confidence they'll be relevant as tastes and technologies evolve.

Contact us to learn how you can simplify complex workflows, reduce costs and remain a step ahead of an ever-changing digital world with the next-generation platform that’s delivering the future of media.

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