Discover how to deliver high-quality experiences at IBC 2019

Discover how to deliver high-quality experiences at IBC 2019
Broadcasters and content providers

Broadcasters and content providers not prepared to deliver video at TV-like quality users expect, regardless of the device they're using, run the risk of losing viewers and revenue. By partnering with a single provider with an integrated platform, you eliminate complexity and are better positioned to deliver high-quality media experiences to every device and viewer worldwide.

Our Media Platform is the simplest way to prepare, deliver, display, and monetize your content. Built for the future of media with a comprehensive streaming service, it meets consumer-demand for speed, reliability, and high-quality viewing experiences. The platform is built on the world's largest, most connected global delivery network with more than 86+ Tbps capacity, ensuring instant-on viewing of digital content on every device, every time, everywhere.

Three ways our platform delivers high-quality experiences
Every aspect of our Media Platform is designed to improve the quality of the viewing experience. Here are three areas that set us apart.

  1. High-quality video streaming
    Our streaming technologies deliver high-quality video to global viewers. It's the simplest way to stream quality linear, live, and on-demand video to every device, worldwide. Thanks to a single, integrated, efficient workflow, we've solved multiple workflow challenges, including ingest and encoding, dynamic ad insertion, content targeting, delivery, and insights; backed by engineering service and support teams with a 97% customer satisfaction rating. You get more control over your content through a single point of entry, saving time, money, effort, and resources.


  1. High-quality connections with viewers
    Smartplay, our personalized session management technology, a native part of our platform, enables you to create a direct connection with every viewer as soon as they hit "play." Smartplay technology delivers highly personalized sessions via manifest manipulation with capabilities for server-side ad insertion, digital rights management, content targeting, and Time Control for a more TV-like experience that today's viewers demand from OTT.


  1. High-quality data for high-quality insights
    Our video streaming service provides data on live, on-demand, and everything in between. Our extensible, scalable, and reliable platform delves into your real-time workflow data, providing powerful insights that inform meaningful improvements. Armed with flexible data delivery, notifications, and alerts, you make faster and better decisions to optimize your offering and grow your business. You can monitor viewership trends by time, device, and country – and it all comes free and is included in our Media Platform. We make the raw data available to you (also for free). You'll never be stuck waiting for us to create a new report. Analytics are measured in hours instead of GB and handled server-side, so you can reach new platforms much faster. Plus, we're fully compatible with any third-party analytics provider, so you don't have to stop using the technology you love to get even richer data.

Ready to learn more? Meet us in Hall 5.B64 at IBC2019, Sept 13-17, for details on our Media Platform so you can meet global viewer demand for high-quality streaming video.

Check out our blog on Smartplay Content Targeting to learn how to control your content's availability.

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