Diverse first-party data signals across devices

Data is the key to an effective advertising strategy, but a single data point alone is worthless. Brands need comprehensive data sets that work together to reveal a pattern. We leverage powerful data to create the scale and accuracy you need across devices. With 200B cross-screen data points each day, from search, mail. commerce, content and more, Verizon Media gives you the complete picture of your audience.


Identity that goes beyond the cookie

Our best in class identity graph leverages first party data signals to identify your target audience across devices. We see signed-in user activities across multiple dimensions–from mobile app data from Flurry, to search, to our owned sites and apps, that attract nearly 1B people every month. This means cookie-based changes have little effect on our targeting capabilities, enabling you to seamlessly reach people across all devices in a post-cookie world.



Our robust targeting capabilities include:

• Powerful demographic data from Verizon Media, Microsoft and 3rd party validated sources including Nielsen and ComScore

• Authenticated mobile-first data from over 1M apps provides unmatched location insights and omnichannel connection

• Unique carrier data from Verizon and 3rd party carriers, which enables person-level messaging (US only)

• Proprietary data from Yahoo that provides targeting capabilities for purchase receipt, email, and search keyword

• A wealth of deterministic data across desktop and gaming systems through Verizon Media’s partnership with Microsoft

• Bid stream and platform data like ad exposure, device IDs, IPs and and more

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