Not all DNS services are created equal: How Verizon Digital Media Services delivers better performance at scale

Not All DNS Hosting Services are Created Equal - Verizon Digital Media Services

DNS blogYour website acts as the face of your brand online. Making sure your users can find it and access its content fast should be your top priority. Domain Name System (DNS) is the internet directory system that translates your website's easy-to-use, letter-based URL into number-based IP addresses read by machines. DNS hosting services are fundamental and crucial to the performance and security of your website.

You can have a state-of-the-art website, but if DNS queries for your website are not resolving to the correct IP addresses, users will never see it. Or if DNS hosting services are not scalable or reliable, your users could bounce from your website by slow page loading or, worse, be exposed to security threats.

To ensure fast resolution of DNS queries, DNS hosting services’ records are cached at multiple DNS servers. Attackers often exploit vulnerabilities in DNS hosting services’ infrastructure and software to inject wrong or fraudulent records into DNS hosting services’ caches. These attacks, known as cache poisoning, can make your website unavailable to your users or could send them to malicious websites.

DNS hosting services were originally designed to prioritize scalability and simplicity. As a result, security and authentication took a back seat, leaving the system susceptible to various attacks, such as cache poisoning, DDoS attacks and server vulnerabilities. Current demands for DNS hosting services built on security, scalability and reliability are rising in tandem with online users, competition and security threats. To ensure your users find your website instantly, securely and quickly, you need the best DNS hosting servies’ server with proven reliability and security.

Verizon Digital Media Services is the leading DNS hosting services provider, and our advanced security feature, DNSSEC, offers you added protection above and beyond recursive DNS hosting services’ servers. Our DNSSEC requires DNS resolvers and other applications to confirm that received records are authentic, ensuring your website is not impacted by forged or manipulated NS data. Without DNSSEC, you are much more susceptible to cache poisoning.

Another threat to your website you want to avoid is slow page loading. In today's online business world, every millisecond of page load performance counts. Slow performance leads to website abandonment and loss of revenue. It should only take 1 second or less for your website to load. For every second longer, you’re leaving money on the table. Take Nordstrom for example. According to their senior applied architect in performance engineering, Nordstrom lost 11% in online sales after their website’s response time slowed by just half a second. Users simply won't tolerate slow page loading; they'll leave your website and never come back.

Leading the industry in DNS scalability, agility, better performance and reliability, our DNS hosting service is globally distributed – with 70+ DNS Points of Presence (PoPs) across the globe – and embedded into our content delivery network. This provides your site fault tolerance and the scalability to reach virtually every broadband user in the world fast, every time. That's the kind of reliable DNS hosting service you need to keep up with rapid internet growth rates and get the full support, speed and security required to protect your website against common server vulnerabilities, cyberattacks, unresolved queries and slow response times.

For better, highly scalable website performance now, host your DNS with VDMS. Learn more here.

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