Don't Choose Just Any CDN to Power Your Website; Choose an Enterprise-Grade CDN

Choose an Enterprise Grade CDN

When it comes to your website, page-load speed is everything. Kissmetrics reports that users will only wait 6-10 seconds before abandoning a slow-loading page. It only takes a few blinks of an eye before users lose interest forever! On the other hand, users won’t hesitate to abandon a non-engaging website either. Using exciting video and beautiful imagery can improve any website, but how do you add these and keep your website performing optimally?

Engaging websites are a combination of images, videos and scripts, with images typically having the most real estate. The good news is that heavy, dynamic websites don’t have to be slow. That’s where Verizon Digital Media Services’ content delivery network (CDN) can really optimize and accelerate your website.

Websites without CDN support are slower because content has a longer delivery route — it’s served all the way from the origin server to the user’s browser. With a CDN, content is served from whichever edge server is physically closest to the user. The distance from the edge server to the user is shorter, which cuts page-load speed significantly. An enterprise-grade CDN takes it one step further by delivering content based on a user’s geo location, which is determined via IP Anycast.
Your content is served faster, and any configuration changes you apply are instantaneous. That’s because an enterprise-grade CDN intelligently caches, rapidly purges and refreshes cached content within minutes, not hours.

Let’s say you own a commerce website that sells women’s shoes. Your team works around the clock to make sure your website is rich with images, videos and descriptions, and is always up to date with current prices and inventory. Sounds like a cool site right? But is it optimized for mobile users and speedy delivery?

With Verizon’s enterprise-grade CDN and digital media platform powering your website, you control and automate the shopping experience you want your users to have through our flexible Rules Engine. Your content is delivered on Verizon’s reliable, carrier-grade network from your origin to the edge server closest to your shoppers. Your content is cached and purged constantly so that your website is always updated to the minute. Our video streaming solution optimizes all of the video on your website for every screen. But what’s most important is that your website works perfectly and on all users’ devices. Built on our lightning-fast CDN, Verizon’s Commerce Acceleration Solution delivers your content optimally and is PCI-compliant for more secure transactions. After all, happy shoppers equate to more conversions and sales!

Don’t have a commerce website? Verizon also has a Web Acceleration Solution and a Broadcast/OTT Solution for your streaming video needs.

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