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Our SSP builds on one of the most trusted SDKs in the industry, with a footprint of over 70,000 app developers. We recently unified SDKs to make for a simpler, more powerful integration experience, while remaining super lightweight and modular. Designed with a commitment to trust and open partnership, the Verizon Ads SDK integrates with the IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK to allow for seamless viewability measurement by the industry's leading third-party providers. With this integration, publishers need only to integrate a single SDK and advertisers have more control and can confidently access and measure mobile app inventory with their viewability vendor of choice. The Verizon Ads SDK has been designed to support publisher SDK size and extensibility needs. The pluggable architecture allows for app developers to extend functionality over time and incorporate new ad placements with minimal effort. These new monetization opportunities no longer require an entirely new SDK, but rather, a small plug-in. The Verizon Ads SDK also enables publishers to tailor the SDK to their specific needs, reducing the overall SDK footprint. For example, Verizon Media's own properties, such as Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance, are adopting a customized version of the SDK to fit their individual monetization efforts. Why choose the Verizon Ads SDK:

Do more with a single SDK

Our modular SDK makes it simple for app developers to incorporate new, engaging ad experiences with minimal effort, while optimizing for the smallest SDK footprint.

IAB Open Measurement

Integrated with the IAB Open Measurement SDK to allow for seamless viewability measurement by the industry’s leading third-party providers including Moat, DV, IAS and Comscore.

Powerful app monetization

The SDK is certified with leading third-party monetization partners like MoPub, AdMob, and Google.Like desktop and mobile web, the Verizon Ads SDK supports a number of app unified auction solutions including Admob, Mopub, and Applovin.

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