How to drive retail success with native ads

Female shopper with mobile phone

The digital landscape continues to evolve and change the relationship shoppers have with retail brands, both online and in-store. Advances in artificial intelligence, augmented reality capabilities, and the 5G evolution are just a few factors raising consumer expectations for what a digital content and advertising experience can be. Whether your goals are more straight-forward like brand awareness or acquisition, or if they are more complex like retention or driving in-store traffic, the marketing tips and insights in this eBook will help you build the most effective, performance-driven retail campaign possible.

Drive Retail Success w/ Native Ads


The shopping experience is evolving...

Consumers are increasingly taking to their devices to research brands and make purchases on-the go. In fact, retail sales on smartphones, tablets, and other devices are expected to jump 30% this year. That’s great news for retailers, whose online stores will make up part of an estimated $605 billion industry in 2019.

In an era of instant, when shoppers expect brands to push boundaries and deliver seamless experiences that align with their passions, native ad formats are designed for maximum impact. Verizon Media native ads enable brands to create engaging experiences that allow shoppers to do more directly within the advertising environment.

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