Easy solutions, however you want to buy

Easy solutions, however you want to buy

Verizon Media Native offers native and mobile advertising in one easy-to-use platform. The unique combination of huge reach across premium content, and diverse 1st party data from~900M monthly users , sets us apart from independent native SSP’s and single site solutions. Drive traffic to your website, promote your app, raise brand awareness or increase online sales – all in one place.

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One set of assets, thousands of possibilities

It’s easy to get started with native ads. With just one set of image assets, brands have access to a series of innovative ad formats across mobile and desktop. Repurpose your TV creative or extend the reach of an existing display campaign across unique and premium inventory.


The power of native + programmatic

For programmatic advertisers, Verizon Media Native is now available in the Verizon Media DSP. Seamlessly buy across channels from mobile to CTV to digital-out-of-home. Through omnichannel insights and measurement, advertisers can access Verizon Media’s differentiated data, exclusive inventory, and custom ad formats on a single platform that threads it all together.

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