ebook: Your Guide to Programmatic Digital-Out-of-Home

woman at bus stop

Advertisers, take this as a sign: the Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) market is growing and getting results, with 46% of consumers searching for a product or service as a direct result of viewing a DOOH ad. Contextually-relevant, non-skippable, and formatted to fit screens from inside taxi cabs to giant digital billboards downtown, DOOH campaigns capture attention in a truly authentic way. Verizon Media allows advertisers to purchase DOOH ads programmatically, layering robust targeting and measurement capabilities on top of global supply. 

How can your brand benefit from getting your campaign up in lights? Our ebook has you covered, with all the insights to set you up for success on all screens. This guide features:

  • The benefits of programmatic: Reach even the hardiest of cord-cutters and ad blockers with messages that seamlessly integrate into their routines.
  • Our campaign planner tool: Target your campaigns down to a street corner, or personalize them according to weather or time of day.
  • Insights into reporting: Uncover the effectiveness of an ad many will see by matching the online behaviors of those whom you want to see it.
  • Specs to get started: Develop your best creative according to the most common types, sizes, and video specs for DOOH screens. 


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