Verizon's Edgecast Content Delivery Network: Nine Years In The Making

Edgecast CDN: Nine Years In The Making - Verizon Digital Media Services

Verizon Digital Media Services’ Edgecast Content Delivery Network turned nine years old last month. Since then, we’ve come a long way. Check out this LA Times article from August 2007. Back then, we were just a small startup running out of a tiny Los Angeles office. Today, our CDN is 20 Tbps-capacity-strong with 95+ nodes all over the world, and interconnected with over 3,000 carriers and ISPs.

Looking back, we have certainly achieved the vision we set forth nine years ago. Our strategy was ahead of its time: from the very beginning, we realized that video would be an integral part of the internet and that legacy CDNs were going to have problems delivering them effectively. Further, the legacy CDN service model of dependence on professional services simply wasn’t sustainable.

Our vision was to find a better way to deliver movies, music, videos, games and software updates over the internet to connected devices. Media and other dynamic assets take up a lot of space and therefore take a longer time getting to the user. Getting online content to users quickly and more cost-effectively became a top priority for any business with a website and for content publishers alike.

So we took a new approach. We built a CDN that gives our customers the control and architecture to handle the data-heavy media of the modern internet. We designed our CDN for the web of tomorrow – a web brimming with rich media and millions of users who demand a high-quality, instant-on experience.

From the onset, we focused on giving more usability and control to our customers. After all, every business has different needs. Our customers were able to control caching behavior at the edge and deploy at will long before it was fashionable. Today, other CDNs are now racing to offer what we set out to do nine years ago.

In realizing a modern CDN, we delivered certain groundbreaking firsts: first to offer self-service tools that give control over how and when to deploy caching content; first to offer fast purging; first to successfully deploy supercharged points of presence (PoPs), or as we call them, “Super PoPs.” These Super PoPs have massive amounts of computing and caching power and are directly connected to all the major backbone networks. This topology creates a more resilient network that easily handles traffic surges while providing better performance.

In the past nine years, we rebuilt our entire network six times and are currently in the process of rolling out the seventh generation. We refresh our network every 18 months to keep up with the ever-changing demands of a rapidly growing internet. We did all this while building three CDNs. Yes, three! We built and managed CDNs for telcos and SaaS to resell while expanding our own.

Our blazing-fast content delivery network is purpose-built for the rich-media, large file, broadband web of today – and tomorrow. And that means your content is just milliseconds away from almost every broadband user in the world. We consistently outperform legacy CDNs in speed and reliability, according to third-party performance tests.

And our CDN continues to be one of the fastest growing in the world as leading internet companies choose to rely on our CDN to deliver content to their users everywhere.

From a small office on Los Angeles’ westside – with a handful of staff – to our present-day evolving, next-generation platform and with over 700 professionals across the globe – our Edgecast Content Delivery Network is a pioneer that continues to break new grounds. As new CDNs enter the arena and make claims over our trailblazing CDN, we can confidently and proudly state: “Verizon Digital Media Services did it already.”

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