Emerging formats and channels

In addition to short-form video, our video SSP grants access to emerging formats and channels like video header bidding, Programmatic Guaranteed and CTV inventory.



Video Header Bidding

The Video SSP supports direct integration with your header bidding container, whether you’re working with Prebid, Google Open Bidding, or both. This means:

• Increased revenue and fill for publishers: By enabling our demand to compete in a unified auction, we can help drive greater competition for your inventory, and increase yield and fill. Publishers who’ve adopted our prebid adapter have seen significant in fill rates (2X) compared to previous tag integrations.

• Easy setup: The Video SSP adapter for both Prebid and Open Bidding is simple to integrate. In addition to documentation, our support teams will help ensure the integration goes smoothly and set up quickly.

• We’re a partner, not a vendor: Our teams are dedicated to both our supply and demand partners to build and maintain profitable relationships. From integration to helping sell your inventory opportunities, our team takes a hands on approach to your success.


Programmatic Guaranteed

We know the industry is moving towards more guaranteed opportunities. We’re currently offering Programmatic Guaranteed functionality in beta for Video SSP publishers. This means:

• Increased revenue and transparency: We require buyers to respond to over 90% of the bid requests sent within the deal (on average we see about 95% response rates), with the expectation that they’ll win 100% of those responses.

• Easy setup: Our Programmatic Guaranteed offering works with your existing third-party ad server, so setup is straightforward, and allows you to offer guaranteed campaigns on your desktop or mobile web video inventory.

• Expert sales teams: Our publisher and exchange sales teams work with you to bring new demand opportunities to the table. We’ve successfully certified this with the Trade Desk and the Verizon Media DSP, and can offer your Programmatic Guaranteed deals to hundreds of advertisers and agencies with seats on those DSPs.





Advertisers looking to expand their reach beyond linear TV are now buying Connected TV (CTV), an increasingly preferred method of TV viewing where the consumer's TV is connected to the Internet. Whether you’re a premium broadcaster with advanced rights management and monetization needs, or an internet-first publisher, we offer a complete, end-to-end solution that’s flexible enough to support your growth and monetization strategy.This means:

• New revenue stream: CTV represents a huge opportunity for publishers to diversify revenue streams, and capitalize on an instream of high CPM ad budgets.

• Unique demand: Our CTV solutions are tightly integrated with our Video SSP, giving publishers the ability to make their inventory available to over 50 top demand partners, including unique demand from the Verizon Media DSP.

• Easy setup: From player and SDK, to a simple app development platform, to monetization, content streaming, and delivery, Verizon Media offers a complete CTV solution.


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