Engaging formats that bring value to the ad experience

Women immersed in content, looking at phone

At Verizon Media, we are transforming how brands can connect with people through content and experiences. We believe digital advertising must evolve away from the distracting banner ads of the past, and instead provide utility, enhance reality, and create community. We are:

Building formats that tell stories

New technological ad capabilities are driving innovation at every turn. That’s no more apparent than with our native solutions, where interactive, immersive, and dynamic experiences become more than just an ad - they are an integral part of our user experience. Our flexible formats are designed to make the most of your ad creative, creating maximum impact even on small screens. These formats include Moments, a premium full-screen mobile canvas, Carousel, an interactive environment with multiple images and videos, and Video, an engaging full-screen sound and motion format, along with many other innovative formats including Extended Reality (XR).

Extending the retail experience

In the age of distraction, successful brands must deliver experiences that are helpful, captivating, and provide instant value along all phases of the path to purchase. Our native formats enable users to do more directly within the ad environment, keeping your customers engaged and removing steps to conversion. Brands can leverage a range of commerce-driven formats including Dynamic Product Ads, which capture customers who have viewed products and brings them back to their abandoned carts, Mobile Wallet, which delivers coupons directly to your customer’s smartphone wallets, and Touchpoints, which highlights a product line with specific callouts for each item.

Creating the next generation of advertising

From interactive video to branded audio to AR-enabled ads, our suite of immersive formats are built to make your message resonate. Bring a story to life by immersing the user into an augmented scene, help them visualize a product or transport them to an alternate reality – the creative canvas is yours to experiment with.


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